about the shop.

The Style Vibe houses my life work of intentionally selected vintage and sustainably designed apparel. Garments are hand picked from random U.S. Towns and some of my favorite cities like Washington, D.C., Atlanta, G.A. London, Tokyo, Philly—wherever the Earth takes me really.


All of the pieces I design are subtle interpretations of the vibrations that inspire me. Music is a huge source, people watching, museums, meditating with friends, and The Great Muva Earth. Recycling is the most important part of the process. The majority of the pieces at TheStyleVibe.co are made from salvaged textiles or recycled cotton blends. This helps us leave a smaller footprint in our ecosystem.


about the founder.

Shanon chills behind the scenes designing and vibing with fellow creators. Stay tuned to her shared moments online via Instagram @ShanonFloretta or say hey by emailing shanon@TheStyleVibe.com



established 2017.