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12 Ways to Wear the Checkerboard Trend Without Sweating to Death






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The Checkerboard trend is new to the fashion scene, starting in Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring/Summer 2018 line, but quickly making its way into popularity with major icons like Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and Winnie Harlow sporting the look. With a trend that has staples rooted in leather and other cow hides, it can be hard to create this look in the summer, especially here in Atlanta. But no worries, we found you all the heat-stroke free speedway vibes you'll need.

To start, if you are going to rock a spring look in the south, you're going to need to cool down the look. Our favorite trends, especially this one, are often created in cooler climates like the NYC or Toronto. To match trend and weather predictions, opt for skirts instead of pants. A bold skirt, like red, yellow, or blue leather could be the perfect focal point for this look where a black or white skirt could be a great addition to a louder top. Bold skirts are a great asset to an outfit you are planning to wear from daytime into nighttime because they can be dressed up or down. If you know you care to go on a date during the day then out with your girls at night, just pack a change of shoes and your picnic in the park look can transition easily into rooftop party.


Another way to beat the heat is by choosing a bustier, crop top, or tube top instead of a traditional cut top. All of these styles will add edge to your look, which is essential with the speedway look. Look for checkerboard print in these styles to really get the point across. If you aren’t comfortable in just a tube top or crop, consider wearing it with a sheer button up, either tired at the waist or completely unbuttoned, a style Rihanna is known to rock. If you choose a lightweight fabric like sheer or linen it will add coverage but not much heat, which is ideal for southern settings. Be careful though, this trend is dependent on a bold, daring look, and if you make it too conservative it will lose the whole point.

Last but not least we have logos. This is can be a make or break moment. I suggest buying patches and logos of raceway brands you recognize from shops on Etsy or Depop and adding them to garments you already have. Avoid patches on stretchy materials because they will cause the fabric to pucker and stretch unevenly. Instead add them to leathers, denim, and other, more sturdy materials.


Written by: Intern Ryan Littleton

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