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Fashion x Music Are Accurately Defining Our Culture


The front row wear this time

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In a world where everyone is pretty much obsessed with celebrity lifestyle, no combination is more powerful. Music and Fashion.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Icarus Jones. Basically I'm just a dude who knows a lot about music that Shanon met through her boyfriend. That, and I can dress my ass off. Oddly enough my two biggest interests, clothes and music, have led me here, writing about why fashion and music go hand in hand more perfectly than any other celebrity couple in the entertainment industry. When I was growing up I used to love everything about Jay Z, Nas, Redman, Biggie, and the list goes on.

I wanted to be just like those guys. Rapping like them. Dressing like them. Back then the style usually consisted of a pair of baggy ass jeans with Timberland boots (they could be black but they're really cool if they're tan suede), and of course, who could forget the baggy jersey of a hockey team no one knows. Don't have that? No problem, you'd just throw on a jersey of your favorite basketball player with a white tee ironed to a crisp underneath. Yeah, those were the days. Everyone in my neighborhood, including myself, wanted to dress like the rappers we saw on television. The same thing could be said about when I would flip the channel from BET to MTV and see "This Is a Call" by the Foo Fighters playing on my television screen. Everyone for the most part had on dingy skater shoes and and big baggy, loose clothing.

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The rock attire usually consisted of super loose faded blue jeans, a red flannel shirt tied around the waist, and a baggy shirt that usually had either a band or skate team logo on it. The beauty of this was that from their attire I automatically know who was into hip-hop and who was into the grunge rock movement. Even back then the shit just kind of fascinated me because it meant that music could essentially be described by clothes. Granted, neither one of these genres are currently into those style's of dress, the point being made can be applied to all forms of music. Take country music for example, with their cowboy boots and cowboy hats, and cowboy tank tops, it all distinguishes them from any other culture of people. Whether it's hip-hop, metal, or country music, fashion has helped to define the general mindset of generations and will continue to do so as long as people find it necessary to wear clothes. Their choice of threads directly reflects their interests in trucks, blonde haired girls, mud sliding and everything else that Blake Shelton talks about on The Voice.

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Every single culture is, for the most part, defined by two things, the music and the fashion. At this point it's almost as if the two coexist purely for self-expression. You have some people who are fans of public figures  based solely off of their image. That goes to show how important one's style can really be, especially as an artist in the public eye. The beauty in today's time is that at times lines can be blurred by what people wear. You have hip-hop heads dressing like rockstars and vice versa. This is due largely to listeners opening their mind's to other genres which in turn gives them fashion influences from elsewhere. This allows people to expand on their self expression, but usually you can still see someone's grounded influence in their persona, their core.

The beauty of people crossing genres in their playlists means that more and more individuals are being inspired by a variety of influences. When people find an artist they like, no matter what kind of music they make, nine times out of ten the listener is going to look that artist up. When they find the artist, chances are they are going to have something about them that the artist likes, most likely a certain image that they either relate to or will feel inspired by.

Let's use Pharrell as an example; this is a person who is obviously inspired by so much that it becomes evident in the way that he dresses. His choice of accessories, hats, and shoes even, all show that he's interested in a number of things. Now me personally, I won't get into the specifics and titling of the articles, because I don't really know much of what they mean, but dammit I know what it all represents. Diversity. All of that in one person. It's truly an awesome thing. I say all of this to make the point that music and fashion is the defining of cultures. These two art forms, which people sometimes tend to overlook as such, are the direct link to the influence of people. Though styles tend to change every five to ten years, the basis of it will be to show where the mindset and interests are currently lying at for that decade. In a world where everyone is pretty much obsessed with celebrity lifestyle, no combination is more powerful. Music and Fashion.


Written by: Icarus Jones

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